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Birmingham - West Midlands
Birmingham is a city and metropolitan borough located in the west midlands of England. The city is England’s second most populated city after London and has over a million residents.

Birmingham has been known as ‘the city of 1,000 trades’, and is renowned for the manufacture of, among other things, weapons, jewellery and pens. Birmingham has a famous canals network, with the first canal opened in 1769, creating a link to Wednesbury. 

Birmingham is also known as the original home of Cadbury’s chocolate. Brothers George and Richard Cadbury opened their successful chocolate business in 1879. Birmingham also has one of the largest fountains in Europe in Victoria Square, this is known as ‘The River’ as the flow rate is 3,000 gallons of water every minute. Also notable in Birmingham is The Bull Ring, a historic market site that is now home to an extensive shopping centre complex. With over 800 years of history and now home to the latest shops and brands, the Bull Ring attracts over 30 million customers from all over the world every year.

Birmingham has been the spawning ground of many successful bands including Ocean Colour Scene, Duran Duran, ELO, Dodgy, and Black Sabbath. It is also home to Formula One champion Nigel Mansell.

Brokers listed in Birmingham

MCM Group
Lawsons Insurance Brokers
Adler Fairways
JLT Business Insurance Services
TLO Risk Services Limited
PIB Insurance Brokers
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