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Welcome to The Insurance Broker Directory
The Insurance BRoker Directory lists independent and qualified insurance brokers and financial advisers and is an excellent source of information and guidance on insurance and financial products and services for businesses and private individuals and includes the contact details of over 400 individual broker and IFA firms throughout the UK.

You can look-up a specific broker you know or search for one in your local area and you can use our search tool to find one that arranges the type of insurance or financial service you need.

All the firms listed on the directory are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are therefore qualified to offer advice on insurance and financial services. Most of the firms listed specialise in one or more insurance and financial service.

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You can buy insurance for almost any imaginable business risk today. The expertise of a qualified commercial insurance broker could save you money, time and even your business.

Using a qualified insurance broker with expertise in personal insurance lines could help you secure a better deal on your car or home insurance cover as well as your holiday and private health.

For some finding the cheapest insurance premium is the main selection criteria, and for others is finding the right insurance. With the right qualified advice your insurance cover could be both.

The Selected Partners section lists specially selected providers of non-insurance products and services including accounting, business networks, credit card payment providers...

The Insurance Broker Directory is a Special Projects Initiative designed and owned by The Bureau.
For further information about this or any other initiative run by The Bureau, please contact us.