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Professional Insurance Knowledge and Expertise

Insurance has become increasingly specialised and no longer straightforward. With a policy to cover almost every type and size of risk there is a need for professional advice.

Some simply want the cheapest, whilst others opt for the cover that best fits their needs in exchange for a competitive premium.

Before buying your insurance, what would you like to know?

- How well will the insurer handle a claim?
- What exceptions and extras will they allow?
- What can I do to reduce the annual premium?
- What is their after-sales customer service like?
- What additional benefits am I entitled to?

Motor insurance is usually chosen just on price but for fine art and antiques the specific cover the policy gives is usually the critical factor. Whilst most motor insurance policies are largely the same, specialist fine art, jewellery, and antique policies vary enormously.

Competitive not cheap
Cheap insurance is not necessary going to give you the protection you need. An insurance broker will know. With some understanding of your needs and circumstances, a broker will explain the merits of one policy against another so you select a policy that gives enough cover at a competitive premium.

Arrange the right insurance protection
Whilst some insurance risks are easier to protect than others, inadequate or unsuitable insurance offers no protection. Insuring an office building with a rateable value is straightforward but the original oil painting in the board room will be more difficult to value and insure.

Whether you have simple or complex insurance needs it is worth speaking or having a meeting with an insurance broker for their professional insurance advice. Any of the qualified insurance brokers on this directory will be happy to help you.


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