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Insurance Broker Expertise

The day-to-day insurance knowledge and expertise of qualified insurance brokers help businesses and private individuals every day to arrange robust and reliable insurance cover. They know all about the insurers, the policies, the exceptions, the exclusions, the excesses and more, to arrange insurance that gives enough of the right kind of protection at a competitive price.

This is especially true when insuring non-standard risks like learner drivers, high value homes, window cleaners, film set drones, cyber risks, third party liability for small boats, to name a few. Each is best arranged through an insurance broker.

You can use this directory to find a qualified insurance broker to advise, quote for and arrange the insurance you need on this directory.

Working knowledge and market contacts
Independent Insurance brokers, who deal in commercial, personal and specialist insurance products and services every day, have the working knowledge and industry connections to help clients find insurance protection that is suitable and competitive


The Insurance Broker Directory is a Special Projects Initiative designed and owned by The Bureau.
For further information about this or any other initiative run by The Bureau, please contact us.