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Croydon - Surrey
Croydon is a large town, located to the south of London. The town is approximately 9.5 miles from Charing Cross, with a population of over 350,000.

Croydon grew up around Croydon Airport, which stimulate economic growth in the area. The airport was closed in 1959 due to the lack of space for expansion and has now been constructed into a tourist attraction area.

One of Croydon’s biggest attractions today is the shopping. The town centre is filled with a range of the most popular retail stores and a mall; The Whitgift centre, which includes high street stores such as HMV, River Island and a number of premium brands.  Croydon however is not usually thought of as a ‘modern invention’ as it was a featured as a domesday village which includes its thousands years of history. Other popular attractions in Croydon include the theatre, cinema and night time entertainment.

Croydon is home to plenty of famous residents. With arguably the most famous being Kate Moss, model. Who was born and spent many of her early years in the large town. Other past residents include Dave Prowse who played Darth Vader in Star wars and author D.H. Lawrence.


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