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Lewes - East Sussex
Lewes is the County Town of East Sussex. This small and historic town is particularly known for its Harveys Brewery, consider by many as one of the best ales in the land, as well as the annual Bonfire Night events commemorating the Gunpowder Plot and the burning of the Lewes Protestant Martyrs.

With a population of only 20,000 the town and surrounding area has many attractions. Lewes Castle that was built soon after the Norman Conquest is well worth a visit as is Lewes Priory built around much the same time. However. the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII ended the Priory days and soon became a ruin. Anne of Cleves House is another ancient building to visit that is steeped in history.

Lewes has become well known in more recent times for its antique shops and interesting boutiques and bistros, pubs and farmers markets.

Brokers listed in Lewes

Berkeley Alexander
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