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Add My Business to The Insurance Broker Directory
The Insurance Broker Directory works to help its members develop their Website and online presence as a whole. Becoming a member of The Insurance Broker Directory allows you to be a part of a nationwide membership of insurance brokers and independent financial advisers.

This membership offers many benefits to help you promote your services and online business profile.

You can promote your business and services through the
Directory of Members.
You can promote your business through the members’
Articles and Guides section.
You can advertise specific products and services to fellow brokers
and IFAs as well as private and corporate clients.
You can be found by prospective clients through “Localised Searches” where individuals and companies search the Web for a specific service and or provider in a particular town or region.


The Insurance Broker Directory is a Special Projects Initiative designed and owned by The Bureau.
For further information about this or any other initiative run by The Bureau, please contact us.