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Insuring your family property and treasured possessions
Insurance for your family, home, pets, holidays and treasured possessions will typically come under the heading of personal lines insurance or private clients insurance.

This type of insurance typically includes:

-  Protection of your house - the building itself
-  Protection of your house contents - your furniture, clothes carpets, possessions
-  Protection of your private motor car or cars
-  Protection of your garden furniture, bicycles, garden equipment
-  Protection whilst on holiday abroad - death, injury, sickness, cancellations, theft
-  Protection against personal accidents and injuries
-  Protection against the cost of private health treatments
-  Protection of your small boat or yacht
-  Protection of the health of your pet or pets

Wide range of policies
There is a wide range of policies and underwriting insurers offering their services to the personal insurance market and each likes to place emphasis on different policy elements to focus more or less attention and financial cover on the risk being insured. To understand the suitability of a policy will need advice and explanation to ensure you are adequately protected.

Within each insurance risk type there is a range of policies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you can select a policy that is strong on the elements that are most important to you it follows that you will be better insured; you might even save on the premium.



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