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Insuring your business, staff, property and good name

You can buy insurance for almost any imaginable business risk today. Whilst some commercial insurance policies are traditional and fairly straightforward to arrange, others may require an understanding of risk management, health and safety legislation, employment law and technical insurance terms and industry specific requirements.

Commercial or business insurance can include:

Insurance protection for employees
employers’ liability insurance
Insurance protection for directors and senior management
directors and officers liability insurance - keyman insurance
Insurance protection for office, factory, warehouse buildings
commercial property insurance
Insurance protection for the business
business liability, professional indemnity, business continuity, cybercrime risks
Insurance protection for a combination of risks
commercial combined and packages
Insurance protection for company vehicles
motor fleets, commercial vehicles and vans, road haulage
Insurance protection for the company name and goodwill
professional indemnity insurance
Industry specific insurances
policies designed for specific industries and professions

Wide range of policies
Today there is a broad range of commercial insurance for every kind of organisation and business. To fully understand each type of policy on offer you should seek the knowledge and experience of an insurance broker. There are hundreds to look-up on this directory.

Robust and reliable insurance
To make the right choice requires information, knowledge, expertise, experience and maybe some influence with the providers. By contacting an insurance broker who will have all of these, your insurance arrangements can be made more robust and reliable.


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